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Gangs Update Released!

Whitelisted gangs are now available in the city, join for info.

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Welcome to DonDada Roleplay

Those who wish to contribute to the development, improvement, and maintenance of the server can find features in this shop that can be a fun opportunity.

We appreciate the support given, whether it's shown by the shop, community or playing in the server. With this assistance, we’re able to ensure the server can be actively run professionally.

You will NEVER be asked to donate and playing in DonDada RP is already an amazing way of showing support, and greatly appreciated!

Before you consider purchasing anything on our store, please do the following: On FiveM, press 'Link Account' in FiveM settings and it will redirect you to a web page. Once you are at that page, close FiveM. Press 'Link Account' on the page it redirects you to. This will open FiveM and link your FiveM Forum account. 

The image below is an example and if you need any assistance please submit a ticket request via our discord.


All payments & donations are final and non-refundable
Contributing to the development, improvement and maintenance of DonDada RP server is greatly appreciated. The support provided by you will always be welcomed, whether if it's by supporting us by the DonDada shop, being active in the discord community and most importantly playing in the server! All proceeds from this store is strictly reinvested to ensuring the server can have daily updates, and maintaining the upkeep. If you wish to cancel any active Tebex subscription, you can do this through the confirmation email received by Tebex when you first subscribed.
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