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Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Queue Priority?
    • Queue priority gives you the opportunity to have a boost in connecting to the server when the city is at maximum population. For example, when the city is 100/100 full and you connect, you will be waiting last in the queue. With the designated queue priority, you will start the line with an X amount of points ahead of others to reduce wait times for you.
    • Queue Priority usually takes a few minutes to be activated on your account. If it takes longer than 10 minutes, please open a ticket via our discord channel #store-support Queue  Priority points can stack up as long as they're different tiers. For example YOU CANNOT have two bronze tiers, but YOU CAN have a bronze + silver tier for 35 points

  • What are Verified Gangs?
    • Verified gangs, also known as "Whitelisted Gangs" are official groups/organizations/gangs within the city approved by the staff to have additional perks with their group to do additional functions as described in the Verified Gangs section. This is a monthly feature and can be revoked from a gang if they aren't up to roleplay standards, or is abusing some functions to their advantage.

  • What is DDC?
    • DDC is also known as DonDada Credits and can be used to get discounts on various perks and services inside the server. You can also use DDC to get discounts on real life clothing merchandise found HERE. All proceeds help contribute towards the development, improvement, and maintenance of the DonDada RP server.

  • How do I cancel a Subscription?
    • If you wish to cancel any active subscription, you can do this through your confirmation email received from Tebex when first subscribed. You will not lose the current month benefits in this process. By paying, you agreed that this is a donation to the server and any digital products received are non-refundable, and reversals via your payment institution may result in a permanent ban from DonDada RP